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Decomposition of polynomial

Decomposition of polynomial into two more factors is called factorization. It is usually done in algebra as well in numbers. For example the factorization of polynomial x2 − 4 is as (x − 2)(x + 2). It is pertinent to mention here that final answer obtained through factorization is always in product shape.

The basic theme for which the factorization is done is that the provided polynomial has to be reduced into basic building blocks or into irreducible polynomials. Some time fundamental theorem is also used in order to factoring the polynomial. The terminology used as opposite of polynomial factorization is called expansion. The final answer obtained through expansion is always got in the shape of sum of terms. When we will use fundamental theorem, every positive integer greater than one has a unique prime factorization. I will make factorization with the following methods with the help of videos:-

(a) By taking common

(b) By mid term break method

(c) By applying formula



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