2021 Fall Masters Seminar

Hokubei Karate-Do Shihankai
2021 Fall Masters Seminar
October 30, 2021
Shoji Nishimura
(949) 233-2691

Fee: $20

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Training Traditional Karate-by Master Takayuki Mikami, Chairman of Hokubei Shihankai

Promotion and Establishment of Karate-Do Commercial karate, as practiced throughout the world today, focuses on various punches and kicks. However, Karate as a traditional Japanese martial art emphasizes much more. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important to promote the Karate-Do to regain and stabilize the reputation of traditional Karate. The following are merits and advantages of the traditional Karate-Do training system: 1. Karate promotes overall health, both physical and mental fitness. 2. Karate can be practiced throughout life using evolving levels of intensity, regardless of athletic ability, gender, and age. 3. Karate can be practiced in variety of situations and conditions.

Maxim on Life's Learning by Master Shojiro Koyama

I am getting to be the age I can see the end of life. There is a saying, 'We unfortunately create more shameful experiences when we live longer. There are more sufferings one faces, if we live long.' Somebody once said, ' One will have more tears in old age, if he/she does not sweat when young.' Then, I conclude, that a true Master is not the one who has many students, but the one who create more Master level students. My true mission is to rejoice in profiting my students, not self, and die with dignity. ....Master Shojiro Koyama, 8th Dan from Japan Karate Association. Master Koyama has a Dojo in Phoenix, AZ, and is Professor of Physical Education at Arizona State University and University of Arizona. Master Koyama is a frequent contributor to a Japanese monthly publication, Gekkan Karate-Do....

Maxims and Memoires by Masters

Master MIKAMI recollects the first meeting with Grand Master Ohtsuka of WADO

My first meeting with the Grand Master was after the 4 greats-Masters Nakayama, Yamaguchi, Nishiyama, Iwata-got together once to get acquainted in a casual setting. Later the Grand Master visited Baton Rouge in Louisiana and I accompanied him to the destination as I teach close to where he visited.

On the way, the Grand Master shared a part of his experience in Karate with me. The Grand Master said, “I was teaching Karate as Budo at Tokyo University as Shihan-dai (Deputy Shihan) and was asked by a student on techniques in Karate. In answering to him, I explained some wisdom and understanding of other Budo techniques. I was not critical of Grand Master Funakoshi. No I never intended to criticize Master Funakoshi.”  Read more »